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80% of headaches originate from the neck and jaw. Escalating stress and tension held in the shoulders and/or jaw, often result from poor neck and head posture and/or spinal misalignments. These progressively cause escalating contraction of surrounding neck muscles that attach from the shoulders all the way up to the head and scalp. When these muscles contract for a prolonged period of time, vertebrae can become further misaligned causing increased pressure on spinal nerves, and ultimately result is a horrible headache. Sounds painful, doesn't it?

With a typical cervicogenic (neck origin) headache, a person usually feels pain starting at the base of the skull which may radiate into the temples, eyeballs, side of the head and/or forehead. TMJ (jaw) related headaches often settle in the forehead or temples. Neck joints have their own patterns of referred pain as well. A careful history and examination of recurring headache pain can often lead back to specific facet joints in the neck where the pain is originating from. This is the beginning of the cure! There are several classifications of headaches, so a proper examination is needed to determine the actual type of headache before appropriate treatment protocols can be established. Tension and cervicogenic headaches often respond very well to chiropractic care. Migraines and cluster headaches are sometimes helped significantly. A limited trial of treatment is often the best way to tell if chiropractic care can eliminate or at least help reduce the severity and frequency of tension, TMJ, cluster or migraine headaches.

Syracuse Chiropractor | Headaches. Dr. Carrie Goettsch is a Syracuse Chiropractor.