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Wellness / Maintenance Care

Wellness / Maintenance Care
What many people don't know is that you don't have to be injured or in pain to benefit from chiropractic care. Staying "well adjusted" with periodic and regular chiropractic care can help prevent injuries and slow down the relentless progress of aging. Degenerative changes in joints escalate faster in joints that don't move properly. Keeping your body better aligned can add years to your life and life to your years! The nervous system and associated immune system also protect the body better when under less stress. Some other possible benefits of maintenance care are: optimal nerve output (like a dimmer switch turned up all the way), optimal physical performance, improved posture, decreased stiffness, increased mobility, energy, strength, circulation, and optimized immune function just to name a few. Everybody benefits from chiropractic a little differently because we each have our own unique genetic background and structural identity. Protecting the health that you do have is a lifelong adventure. Periodic chiropractic care, before major problems arise, can be a very valuable "tool" in your "health care toolbox".

Syracuse Chiropractor | Wellness / Maintenance Care. Dr. Carrie Goettsch is a Syracuse Chiropractor.